Saturday, 4 May 2013

70s Disco Costume Ideas for Men

70s ruffle shirt
70s Disco Ruffle Shirts for Men (UK)
Ask anyone about 70s fashion and one of the first things that springs to mind is the disco era. So what items do you need to create a real disco look?

Disco Shirt

Ruffled and Satin shirts were very popular in the discos and Amazon have a nice choice of colours and designs that are perfect for a groovy 70s look. Take a look at this lot;

Alternatively, you could go for a John Travolta Saturday Night Fever look with this black satin shirt which has an attached waistcoat.

satin disco shirt
70s Black Satin Disco Shirt with Attached Waistcoat

For true disco style you'll need a medallion, and you'll be pleased to know that they are a low-cost accessory, starting at under £3 including P&P. Try one of these;

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Chest Wig

If you didn't have the top buttons of your shirt undone then you were just so uncool, man! Of course, it helps if you have a naturally hairy chest, but if yours is on the smooth side then you can always add a fun chest wig.

Afro Wig

Afro hair was really big in the 70s (literally!) and if you're a black guy (or you've always wanted to be one because they always look so cool) then why not add an afro wig - guaranteed to improve your dance moves!

Unisex afro wig
Funky Afro Wig
Flared Trousers

No disco costume would be complete without the legendary pair of flares, which were also known as bell-bottoms.

mens 70s flares
Mens 70's Flares
There are several choices at Amazon, with black or white being the standard choice. If you're brave enough, you can opt for purple or pink!

So there you have it - you're complete disco look. For many more ideas visit the Fashion in the 70s page at my website, and also the 70s Fancy Dress page for men. Have some groovy fun!

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