Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fancy Dress Ideas for Couples

Robin Hood and Maid Marian Costume

If you're going to a fancy dress party as a couple, then it can be difficult coming up with some half decent ideas. Fear not, as I am going to give you some great ideas right now, so read on. Firstly, can there be anyone who hasn't heard of the legendary Robin Hood and Maid Marian? Those matching costumes above really look the part and will go down a storm at a fancy dress party. Here are some more great ideas... 

Bacon And Eggs Costumes

Almost everyone loves bacon and eggs, and what could be more British? These simple costumes just slip over your head and are comfortable and light.

Switch and Socket Costumes

Now this is an electrifying idea! The socket costume is for the male (obviously!) and the switch costume is worn like a dress. It's a fun idea and there are sure to be lots of innuendos!

Fred and Wilma Flintstone Costumes

I used to love watching the Flintstones back in the 70s, and these officially licensed outfits would be ideal for a retro-themed party. Fred's costume is a simple tunic and neck tie and light and easy to wear. Wilma's outfits consists of a dress, wig and necklace. They look fantastic and you'll be instantly recognisable as the cartoon couple.  You can also buy the Fred and Wilma costumes separately.

Scooby-Doo Costumes

Another top cartoon from my childhood, and Scooby Doo remains as popular with kids today. The Scooby costume is a complete jumpsuit with head and tail attached, and the Daphne costume includes a dress, neck scarf, wig and cuffs. Fred's outfit includes trousers, shirt, scarf and blonde wig. Alternatively, you can buy the costumes separately along with Velma and Shaggy, too. See ALL Scooby Doo costumes.

Cowboy and Cowgirl (Woody & Jessie)

Now these are nice-looking outfits and the Mans costume is complete with a Hat, Waistcoat, Bandana amd Cow Print Chaps. The Ladies costume includes a skirt, vest, hat, belt and bandana. The costumes can also be bought separately.

There are lots of different cowboy and cowgirl costumes available in many styles and colours to suit all budgets. Try these searches;

Cowboy Costumes
Cowgirl Costumes

You could, of course, also go as a Cowboy and Indian. Check out these Native Indian Girl Costumes.

Army Camouflage Couple

As well as the double costume set above, there are also dozens of military style costumes that can be bought individually. Search for Army Fancy Dress at Amazon where you'll find a whole array of military fancy dress outfits.

Sailor/Nautical Costumes for Men and Women

How about turning up at a party as Naval officers? There are some wonderful costumes available and at prices to suit every budget. The costumes above have been rated highly by customers, but you can see many pages of outfits and accessories by searching for Sailor Fancy Dress.

Disco Couple

Disco was king back in the 70s, and now you can relive this era where flared trousers and jumpsuits were the norm. The hardest part will be choosing your outfits as there are just so many available. The costumes above are the best-rated at Amazon, but to get some more inspiration try these searches;

Disco Fancy Dress
70s Fancy Dress

Also, visit the 70s Fancy Dress and 70s Fashion pages at my website simplyeighties.com for more ideas.

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Well, I hope I've provided you with a few good fancy dress ideas for couple, at least. Whatever you decide on, have fun!

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