Wednesday, 15 May 2013

French Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Us Brits have a very stereotypical view of what a French man should look like. He has a tash, wears a stripy shirt and beret, has a neckerchief and a garland of onions/garlic around the neck, and a glass of plonk in his hand. He may even be carrying a french stick, too. Of course, French men don't all walk around looking like that, but for a French-themed fancy dress party then this is an ideal and fun look to aim for.

French Man Costume
French Man Costumes at Amazon UK
There are a number of costumes to choose from at Amazon, but the one above appears to be the most popular and highly-rated. For just £9.99 (price is subject to change) you receive a beret, stripy t-shirt, checked scarf and tash - the bottle of wine doesn't come with the outfit, unfortunately!

You may want to enhance the look by adding a few accessories such as an onion/garlic garland, and a loaf of French bread/French Stick.

Once again, there were several garlands to choose from, but the two above are described as being of a good quality and have received very good ratings from customers.

If you already own a striped T-shirt, then you can simply add a moustache and beret.

 This French Moustache really looks the part and has received great reviews.

Mime Artist Costume

For a mime artist look you also need a stripy t-shirt and a beret. However, instead of onions you need a white face and white gloves. You'll be pleased to know that complete mime artist costumes are also available from Amazon.

Ideas for a French-themed Party

A French flag would complete your fancy dress look, or if you're holding a French style party (maybe for Bastille Day) yourself then a flag is a must have! The two above are the best-rated, with the first one being 5ft x 3ft and priced at under £2 including delivery. The smaller flags are available in a pack of 12 for under £3, so everyone could have their own. However, there are lots of flag choices available - see ALL French flags.

For a really complete look you could also add some French bunting.

Of course, French bread, cheese and wine are obligatory!

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