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Funny Golf Fancy Dress Costumes

Men's Funny Golf Outfit
Funny Male Golfer Costumes UK

From the United States? Check out these funny golf costumes for men and women
Women's Golf Outfit
Lady Golfer Costumes
Let's face it, some people don't need fancy dress to look ridiculous on the golf course! If you're looking for an amusing fancy dress idea or you're going to a sports-themed party or event, then you can find a nice range of funny golf clothing at Amazon UK. The matching costumes above appear to be very popular, and ideal for couples. Please note that the golf clubs, white socks and shoes are not included, but the outfits are very reasonably prices at under £25, and are available from several suppliers - click the links beneath the pictures to see them all.

Budget Golf Costume
Budget Male Golfing Outfit
This budget-priced costume is available for just £14.99 for sizes up to X-large. It includes a black jumper with a golfer logo, white cropped trousers, red shirt, white hat and glove. Add some golf socks and trainers and you've got a complete professional golfer look.

For all the outfits on this page some colourful, long length Argyle or diamond pattern socks would really enhance the funny look. Here are a few examples, although there are dozens more available...

Vintage Male Golfer
Vintage 1930's Male Golfer
Now that's a truly spiffing look! It costs a bit more than most of the other golf outfits, but you're guaranteed to turn heads wearing this 30's style clothing which includes a checked hat, jacket (has side pockets), shirt front with vest and attached tie, plus four trousers and matching socks.

Men's Funny Golf Costume Ladies Golfing Costume Golf Fancy Dress Costume for Men Women's Golf Outfit Fancy Dress

As you can see, there are several more choices of fancy dress outfits with a golf theme available from different suppliers at Amazon and in various sizes. The following links will allow you to browse through everything on offer...

Golf Costumes
Golf Fancy Dress

Create Your Own Golf Costume

Of course, you can adapt any costume to suit your own individual tastes, or even create your own outfit to save on costs. You may already own a pringle/V-neck jumper or tank top, white socks , trainers etc and here are some suggestions for creating or enhancing an outfit.

Golf Hats and Visors

A funny hat will instantly brighten up your costume, and there are plenty to choose from. Also try one of these links;

Funny Hats
Flair Hair Visor

Golf Trousers and Skirts

Tartan Skirts for Women
Tartan Mini Skirts

Golf Trousers
Checked Trousers
Golf Shorts
Tartan Skirts

For fancy dress you need your golfing trousers to be brightly-coloured, and tartan is ideal. You could even go for a Scottish golfer look by adding the funny hat and wig above, and that appears to be a popular seller. There is a huge range of tartan skirts available, and you may be pleased to know that they're not all as short as featured in the picture.

Proper golf shorts can be pretty expensive, but the shorts above are particularly good value and available for well under £10.
I hope that have have given you some inspiration in this post, at least, and may I wish you lots of luck at whatever event you're going to.

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