Thursday, 9 May 2013

Funny Inflatable Fancy Dress Costumes

inflatable horse and cowboy
Inflatable Horse and Cowboy Costume
Inflatable Cowboy on a Horse Costume

Some of the most popular and amusing fancy dress costumes are the inflatables. The funny cowboy on a horse costume above is the most popular at Amazon UK, and the good news is that there are lots of fancy dress suppliers selling it on the site, so you get the best prices on the web - they started at under £15 while I was browsing. The beauty of inflatable costumes is that one size fits all, so there's no worrying about trying to obtain the right size. Simply step into the costume and inflate using the built-in fan. Please note that you will require 4 x AA batteries to power the fan on most items on this page.

Inflatable Ballerina Costume
Inflatable Ballerina

Can you imagine the laughs you'll get when you turn up looking like this? It's likely to be a huge success (literally!) and as with the cowboy costume, there are lots of suppliers selling this one and so the prices are low. The text link above links to all of them.

More Inflatable Costume Ideas

Here are some more funny blow-up costume ideas. The text links below each picture link to all the suppliers at Amazon UK so you can shop for the best-rated products at the best prices.

inflatable sumo wrestler costume
Inflatable Sumo Wrestler
Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Costume

Once again, here we have a really funny costume without the hassle of worrying about finding the right size. Lots of fun and you're bound to get some BIG laughs. Again, don't forget your batteries, though!
Mr Blobby Fancy Dress Costume
Inflatable Mr Blobby Costume
Inflatable Mr Blobby Costume

I miss watching Noel's House Party on a Saturday evening during the 90s, but you can remind people of just how annoying this character was with this authentic-looking blow-up suit - instantly recognisable!

inflatable halloween costume
Inflatable Pumpkin Costume
Inflatable Pumpkin Costume

While everyone else is trying to look as scary as possible, why not bring out the fun side of Halloween night with this fun pumpkin costume? This would be ideal for a kids fancy dress party. Please note that the stripy tights aren't included, but are available to buy separately.

blow-up chef costume
Inflatable Chef Costume
Inflatable Chef Costume

Now this is a recipe for success! Ideal for a food-themed event or to celebrate a chef's birthday, anniversary etc. There are several different designs available, including the chef from South Park and prices start at a very competitive £14.99.

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