Monday, 27 May 2013

Funny Monkey and Banana Costumes - Unisex

Funny Banana Costume
Unisex Banana Costumes at Amazon UK
If you've been keeping your eyes peeled (sorry, I just had to slip that one in!) for a funny fancy dress costume (maybe for a stag night?) then you may not have thought of a banana. However, it's a popular choice for groups and is guaranteed to get a laugh. Can you imagine a whole bunch of guys walking along the street dressed as bananas? If that doesn't get a laugh then you're in the wrong town!

The costume above is basically a sleveless jumpsuit which you simply slip into and zip-up at the back. Please note that the black trousers and top are not part of the outfit. By the way, there's a nice range of costumes to choose from, and from various suppliers - prices start at around a tenner. Just click the link above to see them all at Amazon - they actually have the best prices on the web, too.

If you're not up to dressing as a banana, then you can also purchase inflatable ones to carry around with you...

Inflatable Banana
Inflatable Bananas
Here's an even funnier idea. Why not have someone dress-up as a monkey or gorilla chasing after the banana(s)? That's also a nice fancy dress idea for a couple.

Monkey Costume for Men
Funny Monkey Costume with Hood
Gorilla Fancy Dress Costume
Gorilla Costume
There are actually dozens of gorilla outfits available, although they aren't cheap, starting at around £25. However, if you're strapped for cash then you can also purchase a mask for a fraction of the cost, and these come in a variety of styles. Here are the best-rated ones...

See all gorilla masks

See all monkey masks 

When you browse through the selection you will also discover quite a few very scary-looking masks, which are ideal for Halloween.

I hope you like the monkey and banana costume idea, but whatever you decide to wear, have a fun night out and don't get up to any monkey business - you'll be pleased to know that's the last bad joke!

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