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Australian Fancy Dress Ideas

Cork Hat
Cork Hats
If someone asked me how to dress like an Australian, then the first clothing item that would spring to mind is a cork hat. Of course, the idea of the hat isn't just to look daft - those corks are to ward off the flies. If you're partying in Britain, though, then you're more likely to be using it to keep the rain off your head! There is a good choice of low cost hats available at Amazon UK, and they're ideal for fancy dress. Prices start at under £3, and despite the low prices the customer reviews are very positive.  

If you're watching the pennies then you could get away with just a hat, of course. However, if you don't want to appear like a skinflint, then you may want to enhance your look.

Inflatable Kangaroo

What else would I think of when discussing Australia?

Kangaroos would be high on the list. Of course, you can't take a kangaroo to a party with you for obvious reasons, but the next best thing is an inflatable one.

Inflatable Kangaroo
Inflatable Kangaroo
Like the hat, they're pretty cheap to purchase and you've got yourself a pretty decent Aussie look for around a fiver. However, a kangaroo isn't the most original option, and chances are that if you're going to an event with an Austrlian theme, other people may have though of this, too.

Inflatable Crocodile

Inflatable Crocodile Rider
Inflatable Crocodile
Another option is an inflatable croc. The one above is actually rideable and would be great fun for kids if you're partying on the beach. There are cheaper alternatives, though, and I've linked to all that's available. 

Koala Soft Toy
Koala Bear Soft Toy
Koala Bear Cuddly Toy

If you want to be more original then you could opt for a Koala. Although not available as an inflatable toy, there is a nice range of cuddly toys available for under £10, making them ideal for a dress-up party. The Koala is native to Australia, and although often described as a bear (mainly due to it's appearance) it's actually a marsupial, and a relative of the wombat.

Inflatable Shark

Inflatable Shark
You could go for a surfer look and opt for an inflatable shark instead. Once again, they're very cheap to purchase (prices start at under £2) and there is a good choice available at Amazon with different designs - useful if you're very particular about your sharks! Actually, there are some more expensive sharks available which you can actually ride on, so if you're partying on the beach then they would add an extra bit of fun for the kids.

Kangaroo T-Shirt
Australian Themed T-Shirts

Australian T-Shirts

A T-shirt would be useful for creating just about any Aussie look. There are many pages of T-shirts to choose from, and so the hardest task for you is deciding on which one to choose. The link above will display all that's available, but to help you decide here are a few examples;

Australian Ladies Purple T-Shirt
Australian Heart T-Shirt for Ladies
This ladies T-shirt has a particularly nice design with part of the Australian flag in a heart shape. It's available in no less than 17 colours in sizes Small to XX Large.

Dame Edna Fancy Dress

Here's an idea that's totally different to everything else on the page. Why not become Barry Humphries alter ego Dame Edna Everage, Australia's most famous drag queen!

There is a kit available which includes the outrageous purple wig and glasses, although at £23.99 it really isn't worth the asking price. However, the wig and funny specs are available separately for a much lower price. There are several styles available and I've linked to the whole range below...

Dame Edna Wig
Dame Edna Purple Wig
Dame Edna Funny Glasses
Dame Edna Glasses

Australian Party Accessories

Finally, a great addition to any Australian-themed party is the national flag. There are plenty of different ones available in many sizes at Amazon, and bunting is also available which will help to enhance the mood.

Australian Flags
Australian Small Flag Bunting
Small Flag Bunting
Australian Sign "You Are Now Entering The Outback"
Australian Outback Sign

For a bit of extra fun you could also add this sign to the entrance of your party.

Well, I hope I've inspired you in this post. All you need now are a few tinnies or a bottle (or two) of Jacob's Creek) and you're ready to party! Here are some helpful links which will display everything that's available...

Australian Party
Australian Fancy Dress

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