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Cleopatra Egyptian Fancy Dress Costumes

Ladies Ancient Egyptian Headdress
Egyptian Headpiece Fancy Dress Accessory

 Create a Cleopatra Costume

For an authentic ancient Egyptian or Cleopatra look (she was the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt) you can't go far wrong by starting with this headpiece, which has also received very good customer reviews. The collar needs to be bought separately, and this will complete the look for the top part of your body, at least.

Egyptian Collar - Fancy Dress
Egyptian Cleopatra Style Collar
Cleopatra Headdress
You may prefer the look of the headdress above, which can be bought for around the same price (under £6 with free delivery), it's just a case of personal choice.

Cleopatra Egyptian Braided Wig
Cleopatra Egyptian Style Wigs
If you don't have naturally dark hair, then it would be a good idea to wear a wig, and there are several to choose from at Amazon. The one above is a popular choice, although, you could also go for a bob wig, but it needs to be a longer style shoulder bob, which would represent when Cleopatra had just had her hair done, no doubt! The picture above also gives you a good idea on what make-up to apply.

Cleopatra Black Bob Wig
Cleopatra Style Bob Wig
Okay, so that's the top half sorted out, what about the rest of your body?

You could simply wear a long, white dress and add a belt like this one...

Egyptian Cleopatra Belt
You may also want to add some Egyptian style wristbands or cuffs...

Or you could save yourself a lot of time and hassle buy opting for a complete, ready-made costume. There are lots to choose from, and prices start at under £20.

Cleopatra Fancy Dress Costume for Ladies
Cleopatra Costumes at Amazon UK
There's a lovely range of very reasonably priced Cleopatra style outfits available, and the one above includes everything except the sandals and wig. Prices vary greatly depending on which costume you choose, of course, but they start at £14.99.

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