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Hawaiian Fancy Dress Costumes

Hawaiian Fancy Dress Kit
Hawaiian Fancy Dress Kit (UK)

Grass Hula Skirts and Flower Garlands

This Hawaiian dress-up set includes a grass skirt, floral necklace, bracelets and headband and comes in a choice of eight colours. However, there are lots of colourful, Hawaiian style kits available at Amazon, and the majority of them are well under £10. Simply wear with a bikini, or shorts and a T-shirt if you feel more comfortable. Of course, this would also be hilarious at a stag do - can you imagine a group of guys dressed up like Honolulu girls?

Whether you're male or female, this is the perfect fancy dress idea for the summer months and you will have plenty of cash left to buy everyone a round of drinks at the party!

There are also four tropical dancer kits available which also include a flower bra. The first three are priced at £7.99 with free delivery (price is subject to change) and the multi-coloured skirt set is £8.99...

Of course, all of the items in the kits can be bought separately by searching for Hawaiian Fancy Dress

Woman wearing a Hula Skirt
Hula Skirt
This multi-coloured hula skirt has been highly-rated by customers at Amazon and is available for under £5. It has a stretchy waistband and is suitable for most sizes. It's perfect for a tropical party, hen nights etc.

These two skirts have also received very good reviews and both are available for under a fiver. The second one is for children of 4-7 years - this is ideal if your daughter's school play is South Pacific!

Hawaiian Girls in Hula Skirts
See all Hula Skirts
Hawaiian ladies fancy dress
Hawaiian Beauty Fancy Dress
You may prefer to wear a longer skirt, and this outfit looks really elegant. It includes a long skirt, matching top, lei (garland) and headpiece - everything you need. While I was browsing the price was just £13.64, plus £2.49 delivery, so it's a very good price.

Man wearing Hawaiian Shirt
Hawaiian Fancy Dress Kit for Men
Hawaiian Shirts

This three piece costume kit includes a very colourful Hawaiian T-shirt, a flower garland and a beach comber hat for under £15. Wear this and you'll certainly have the loudest shirt at any party!

There are many pages of shirts available in many colours at Amazon and the prices vary from under £10 to around £25 - see all Hawaiian Shirts. I've selected the ones with the best customer-ratings above.

Hawaiian Parrots Shirt
Authentic Hawaiian Shirts
If you want to splash out on something with true quality, then you'll be interested in this wonderful range of authentic shirts that have actually be made in Hawaii. Choosing one will be your most difficult task as there are just so many different styles avaialble. I've selected one featuring parrots above, but here are just a few examples of the most popular shirts in this range...

You can also add these fun items to your costume to enhance your look...

Tropical glasses, a flower garland (wreath) and an inflatable parrot - what more could you ask for?

Tropical Party Accessories

Tiki Table Skirt
Tiki Table Skirt
The Tiki theme is used in the restaurants, bars and clubs in the islands of the South Pacific. This skirt will really make just about any table look much more attractive. Made from nylon, its size is 108 x 29 inches.

Pineapple Decoration
Honeycomb Pineapple Decoration
Of course, you'll need a centrepiece for your table, and this pineapple decoration is ideal for a tropical theme. It's highly-rated and nicely priced at £2.27 inc. free delivery.

Hawaiian Fruits Drinking Straws
Hawaiian Fruits Cocktail Drinking Straws
These colourful, bendy tropical fruit straws come in a box of 50 and are just £3.99 including postage. These are also ideal for Barbeques, beach parties etc. 

Tiki lanterns
Tiki Lanterns and Flowers Garland Banner
This Tiki style party decoration looks superb and is perfect for brightening-up any tropical/Hawaiian themed party. It includes colourful paper lanterns and flowers and the length is 3.7 metres. Priced at just £2.99 (plus postage) it won't break the bank.

You can get many more ideas by browsing for Hawaiian Party Decorations

Well, whether you're hosting an Hawaiian or tropical themed party, or you're simply going to a party, I hope that I've given you some inspiration with the colourful ideas on this page. Whatever you do have fun!

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