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Unusual and Unique Fancy Dress Costumes

Unusual Fancy Dress Costume
Man Eating Shark Costume
Shark Eating Man Costume

There's nothing worse than turning up at a fancy dress party and finding that someone else has a similiar costume to you! If you want to decrease the likelihood of this happening, then this blog post is for you!

Firstly, the funny shark eating a man costume should go down a storm at any party. It's certainly unusual, and if you want to raise a smile then this outfit (which includes the shark, bodysuit and swimming goggles) is guaranteed to do just that!

Funny T-shirt for men
Tecso Value Style Funny T-Shirt
Tecso Value T-Shirt

"Tecso Value Fancy Dress Costume - It's All They Had Left". This is a really funny idea, and will probably get more laughs than most of the more expensive full costumes. It's especially ideal if you hate dressing-up, and just downright cheeky - if you can't be bothered, it's great fun, and no copyright laws are broken as the spelling is incorrect.

Thunderbirds Virgil Costume
Thunderbirds Costumes
Thunderbirds Fancy Dress

I don't think I've ever seen anyone in a Thunderbirds costume. Maybe I just go to the wrong parties, but it's probably unlikely that anyone will have thought of this idea. If you're old enough to remember the kids sci-fi TV show from the 60s, then you might recognise the character Virgil above - he always wore a canary yellow sash. There is a very good range of thunderbirds costumes at Amazon, and prices start at well under £20.

donkey costume
Funny Donkey Costume
Dress like a donkey!

This isn't the cheapest costume on the page, but if you're going to a party in the winter month's then this unisex donkey suit will keep you nice and warm, at least! The customer reviews are very favourable and the chances are that you'll be the only person dressed like a donkey, unless it's a Shrek themed event!

Arabian Princess Costume
Arabian Princess - Belly Dancer
Belly Dancer Costume

Unless you're going to an Arabian-themed party, then you should be pretty safe in this costume. It's great value at under £15 including delivery, and it includes the pantaloons, top, veil and hat - everything you need. You'll also be able to browse lots of other choices underneath the outfit when you click the link.

Cavewoman Costume
Cavewoman Costume
Cavegirl Fancy Dress

The cavewoman/cavegirl costumes are are a great idea if you're going clubbing - sorry, bad joke! Prices start at well under a tenner, so if you want a unique outfit that won't break the bank then this is perfect. There are lots of different outfits to choose from, too. Simple to wear, and ideal for the summer months.

Strawberry Shortcake Costume
Strawberry Shortcake Ladies Costume
Strawberry Costume

There are several great value ladies outfits available with a strawberry theme, and the one above looks particularly nice and has received decent reviews. However, comments suggest that the skirt is rather short, so you may want to add some shorts to save your blushes! The link above will take you to all available costumes at Amazon UK.

These costumes are available at (US)...

Prodigy Firestarter Costume
Prodigy Firestarter Costume
Prodigy Firestarter Costume

We all remember that hit from the 90s don't we? Although you'll be instantly recognised as "that guy from the Prodigy" (It was, of course, Keith Flint), this isn't an idea that many would think of. The costume is, essentially, just a top and a wig, so it's pretty easy to wear and ideal for the summer months. Add a punk style choker for a more complete look...

Beer Bottle Fancy Dress Costume
Beer Bottle Costume
Beer Bottle Costume

This is a pretty funny idea, and there are many beer bottle costume designs available at Amazon. I particularly like the one above, though, which states "Beer helps ugly people have sex". Prices start at under £15, and this outfit would be a terrific icebreaker at any party. The question is, have you got the bottle to wear it?

Statue Of Liberty Costume
Statue Of Liberty Costume
Statue Of Liberty Costume

Now, it's very unlikely that someone will come up to you and ask who you're dressed as while wearing this! There were two choices available, both including the gown and headdress. The costume above fits sizes 10-14 and the one below states "one size fits all". Please note that the torch is not included with either costume but can be bought separately.

The torch costs £12.89, so it isn't cheap. However, I've found a much cheaper alternative...

This cardboard torch costs around £2 including delivery.

Well, I hope that you may use one of my unique fancy dress ideas. Some are more unusual than others, but, hopefully, there will be nobody else at the party dressed like you. Have a nice time!

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