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Astronaut Costumes for Kids

Astronaut Costume for Boys
Astronaut costume for boys
(not available in the US - see below)

As a young boy I was fascinated by anything to do with space, and becoming an astronaut is a dream that most boys have at some time or another. Unlike when I was a child back in the 70s, there are now numerous astronaut outfits available for kids, and in a wide-range of styles. For this blog post, I've picked out some of the better costumes available, and avoided those that have received poor reviews.

The all-in-one jumpsuit above is the most popular and best-rated at Amazon UK, and is available in sizes small to large with the price starting at under £10. Please note that the silver boots are not included. The suit has elasticated ankles and cuffs, which will make for a better bit.

Spaceman Costume for boys
NASA Astronaut Costume
This NASA style white spaceman costume is also a popular and highly-rated choice, and is available in most sizes. Its more complete than the silver jumpsuit above, although double the price. This outfit includes a white jumpsuit with orange boot tops attached, a detailed vest with NASA markings, inflatable oxygen tank, space helmet, white gloves and a NASA space flag - everything you need to venture into space!

Kids Astronaut Costume
Boys White Spacesuit
This dress-up costume is designed for 3-5 year olds and includes a padded soft helmet and padded elbows and knees, which makes it ideal for young boys to play in. This would make for a lovely Christmas or Birthday present, and should bring a beaming smile to a young child's face.

Child Astronaut Costume
One of the best all round options is this space boy outfit. It's available from the supplier Affordable Fancy Dress (on Amazon) in four separate sizes for 4 to 12 year olds. This is a complete space suit with Jacket (with badges/straps), trousers, boot covers, helmet and gloves. The helmet is made from padded material helmet and has a mesh visor. Priced at under £15 this is a good buy, and should be perfect for school plays, dress-up, parties etc.

Buzz Lightyear Fancy Dress Costume
Buzz Lightyear costumes for boys
I couldn't end this post without featuring the space ranger hero from Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear. There are lots of authentic costumes available from different suppliers on the Amazon website, and this actually means that you can grab one for a really low price. I've linked to them all, although the most popular choice which has received lots of positive customer reviews will display as the first option, thankfully.

Now, I'm off to infinity and beyond!

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