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Irish and St. Patrick's Day Fancy Dress Costumes

Irish National Flag
Irish National Flag
While watching all the floats at a local Saint Patrick's Day parade on March 17th - the Irish really know how to have a good time, buy the way - it was clear that for an Irish-themed event most people will choose to dress in green and white with a splash of orange to represent the national flag colours - the orange was usually in the form of a wig or beard.

Talking of flags, there are lots of them available at Amazon, and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you're decorating a float, garden or even a room, a large flag or several small-sized flags are essential.

A flag with a base is ideal for the centrepiece on a table, and hand flags are great for handing out to everyone. Bunting and balloons will really help to add zest to just about any Irish-themed event.

These decorations are specifically for St. Patrick's Day...

However, Amazon has a huge range of accessories available and it would be pretty pointless me duplicating the full list, so I recommend this link;

St. Patrick's Day Accessories

Leprechaun Costumes

One of the most popular outfits worn at Irish events is one that represents a leprechaun. In Irish folklore, this is a mischievous fairy creature who spends his spare time making shoes and counting gold coins he found in a pot at the end of a rainbow!

Mens Leprechaun Costume
Mens Leprechaun Outfit
This costume is highly-rated by customers and is nicely priced at £20.86 including free delivery - this is subject to change, of course. It comes in a display bag and includes a jumpsuit, jacket, tall hat and ginger beard.

Ladies Leprechaun Costume
Leprechaun Ladies Costume
This is the best-rated outfit for women and includes a green dress with black lace hem, cape with bow-tie and the hat. Please note that the white stockings are not included. This is a "one size fits all" costume, and if you're size 10 or under then it is likely be a little on the large size for you. However, there are other outfits available...

See all Leprechaun Costumes

Irish Fancy Dress Hats and Head Wear

If you're planning on going to an irish event as a group, then these first two hats might be of interest. The Irish bowler hat comes in a pack of 12 and the clover hat with beard comes in a pack of 6. If you're only buying for yourself then the following head wear may be more of interest...

leprechaun hat with ginger beard
Leprechaun Hat with Ginger Beard
This tall hat with beard is a popular choice at Amazon and perfect for any Irish celebration.

Irish Jester Hat
Irish Jester Hat with Bells
This hat is also highly rated and is great value at just £3.78 inc. free delivery.

Irish Shamrock Head Bopper
Shamrock Head Boppers
These Irish party boppers are a fun idea and perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any Irish event/party/festival etc.

Green Irish Wig for Ladies
Green Wigs
Of course, just a simple, green or ginger wig can brighten up any costume and there are dozens available. Here are a few ideas...

Irish Wigs

May I wish you all the luck of the Irish!

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