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Pirate Costumes for Kids

Pirate fancy dress ideas for boys and girls (or lads and lassies if you're a pirate!)

Ahoy, me hearties. Pirate-themed parties are very popular these days, and whether you're hosting a party (maybe with a Pirates Of The Caribbean theme) or you're kids need to dress-up for a party, a school play or just general dress-up at home, then you've come to the right place for ideas. Further down this page I'll bring you some pirate-themed party ideas, but I'll start with the costumes.

If you're looking for a big range of pirate costumes at the best prices then you can't go far wrong with Amazon. All of the leading fancy dress suppliers use the site, and because the competition is so rife, you can benefit from low prices.

Pirate Boy Costume
Pirate Boy Costumes (UK)
Are you from the US? I've hand-picked these best-rated costumes;

The most popular and best-rated costume for your lad(s) is the one above. It comes in sizes small to large and includes a striped shirt, black, cropped trousers, a belt with a skull and cross bones and red headband. Priced at well under £10 it's great value for money. Please note that it does not include the eye patch and sword, but accessories are listed under the costume at Amazon, and you can also read about these further down this blog post.

Here are some more ideas...

See ALL Pirate Costumes for Boys

Caribbean Pirate Girl Costume
Pirate Girl Costumes

For the lassies, this costume is the best-rated by customers and proving to be a very popular choice. It's available for ages 4 to 12 and includes a multi-layered pirate dress with a matching headscarf, both of which features a skull and crossbones motif. The sword is not included. Although the recommended retail price is £19.99, the outfit was available for well under £10 while I was browsing.

Pink Pirate Costume for Girls
Pink Pirate Girl's Costume
If your little lassie likes pink, then this pretty costume may be of interest. Available for ages 4-12, the outfit includes a dress with velcro at the back for easy fastening, and also a headband.

If these particular costumes don't take your fancy then you'll be pleased to know that there are dozens available for girls with a pirate theme. See all Pirate Costumes for Girls

Melissa and Doug Pirate Costume
Melissa and Doug Pirate Dress-Up Costume
Melissa and Doug is a well-known brand that has a reputation for quality. This pirate role-play outfit is made of high quality materials which means it be used for a high-seas voyage again and again! It's ideal for both girls and boys and includes a machine washable vest, eye patch, pirate hat and sword.

Pirate Fancy Dress Accessories

To enhance your little one's pirate look, you may want to consider adding one or two accessories.

Captain Jack Pirate Accessory Set
Captain Jack Pirate Accessory Set
At just £3.30, this accessory kit is great value and includes a hat with hair, sword, ear ring, a hook and eye patch. It has everything a pirate needs and is ideal for spicing up to any swashbuckling costume. Of course, all items can be bought separately...

Pirate Sword
Pirate Sword/Cutlass

A parrot on the shoulder will add a fun element to your costume, and a hat and eye patch are essential for a complete look. However, there are other less obvious accessories available that you might like to consider, and will make your child stand out as the best-dressed pirate at any event...

The clip-on Earrings are just £2 inc. delivery and that pirate telescope looks really authentic, but is just £2.47, plus delivery.

Pirate Party Ideas, Games, Gifts and Accessories

If you're hosting a party or need ideas for the set of a school play, the following items will really be appreciated by kids. Some of these also make for great gift ideas and party bag fillers.

Rub-On Pirate Tattoos

Kids love rub-on transfers/tattoos, and there are many different packs available, some of which are especially for girls, too. They come in packs of 12 to 144, so you can choose the ideal sized pack to suit your requirements.

Pirate Treasure for kids
Pirate Treasure
Kids love hunting for treasure, and you could create a great party game by hiding your "pieces of eight" around a room or garden. There are many types of treasure packs available at Amazon, and so I have linked to the whole range.

Better still, why not put them in a treasure chest and hide it somewhere. A chest would also make for a great decoration.

Pirate Treasure Chest
Pirate Treasure Chest
There are several styles of booty chest available and so I have linked to all of them.

Decorate your own treasure chest
Melissa & Doug Treasure Chest
Now, this is a wonderful idea. This decorate your own treasure chest includes a wooden chest, pot of glue, 4 pots of paint with brush and colourful stickers. It costs just £6.99 and is perfect for pirate-themed parties or as a birthday or Christmas present.

Pack of 12 Pirate Party Hats
Pack of 12 Pirate Party Hats
These card party hats are a nice idea and are in a small size just for kids, so adults keep your hands off them!

Now landlubber, if you really want your pirate party to be the best in the land, then ye will need some bunting, balloons, napkins, paper cups and paper plates.

Pirate Party Table Cloth
Pirate Party table Cloth
This large-sized pirate-themed table cover look great and matches all of the accessories above.

To save you from going back and forth from this blog post to Amazon, you can actually find all of the above items (and many more besides) using this search;

Pirate Party

All that remains is for me to say yo ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

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