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Arabian Fancy Dress Costumes

Arabian Costumes for Men
Arabian costumes vary greatly and there are many options available for creating an authentic look. I'll be discussing Arabian Princess and Belly Dancer outfits for ladies a little further down the page, but let me start with the costumes for Gents.

There are several types of Arabian styles that you could choose from, and they range from modern day oil sheikhs to the old school ali baba style sheikh who carries a sword. Alternatively, you could transform yourself into a more pantomime-style or theatrical character such as a genie, Aladdin, a Prince or Sultan. Accessories such as a sword or genie lamp (see further down page) can be used to create your ideal look.

These Sheikh costumes were all under £15 and the styles are pretty varied. You can add sunglasses for an oil sheikh look or a sword for a more theatrical appearance.

Black Wayfarer Shades
Wayfarer Sunglasses from £1.25
Replica Wayfarer's can be bought for £2.24 inc. delivery and despite the price, the customer ratings have been very favourable.

Lawrence Of Arabia Costume
Lawrence Of Arabia Costume
Now, this costume I really like and it includes a white gown, headpiece and belt and comes in a Display Bag. There are several suppliers selling this one on Amazon and prices range from around £21-£31, so I have linked to all of them under the picture above so that you can get the very best price.

Sultan/Genie/Aladdin Costumes
Arabian Genie Costume for men
Arabian Sultan/Genie Costume

As you can see the styles for the Aladdin/Genie costumes vary enormously and it's down to personal taste (and availability) which one you go for.

arabian sultan costume
Sultan/Ali Baba Costume
One costume which stands out from the crowd in terms of quality is this one. It's been highly-rated by customers at Amazon, and although it's certainly not cheap at £28.09, it does have a more superior appearance and includes a long sleeved white shirt, waistcoat, black trousers, golden belt and a hat. It's ideal for an Aladdin or Sultan look.

You can add a sword or genie lamp to create the look you desire.

Arabian Princess Costumes
Arabian Princess Costume
Arabian Princess Costumes
Now, onto the ladies fancy dress outfits. The link above will connect you to all of the available Arabian Princess outfits at Amazon UK who have some of the best prices on the web. The costume above is excellent value at £12.97 (subject to change) plus delivery and includes a short sleeved pink top, matching pantaloons and a hat with attached netted veil. However, it's only available for sizes 10-12.

Arabian Belly Dancer Costume
Belly Dancer / Genie Costume
The ultimate Arabian style costume has to be this one. It's not only authentic-looking and highly-rated by customers, but it's also nicely priced and available in sizes 6 to 16. The five piece outfit includes pantaloons, tie on body, short-sleeved top, a hat with veils and hot pants.

Princess Jasmine Costume
Princess Jasmine Costume
Princess Jasmine appeared in the animated Aladdin films by Disney during the 1990's. This lovely five piece outfit is also ideal for an Arabian belly dancer look and includes sheer pants, decorated bra top, thong, arm wrap and veil. Its A One Size Costume And Fits Up To Size 12. 

There are several other choices of costume in different colours and styles;

To see all Arabian costumes available at Amazon try the following searches;

Princess Jasmine Costumes
Belly Dancer Costumes

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