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Best Party Hats for Fancy Dress

Sometimes a hat is all you need to create or complete a theme for your party costume, and they always create a sense of fun. Hats are especially ideal for groups - have you ever seen a hen party not wearing ridiculous hats?

So, for this post I'm going to bring together as many different hat ideas as possible, which will also be useful for choosing a theme for your night out or maybe for a fancy dress party you're hosting.

Most Popular Hats

All of these are in order of popularity on the Amazon UK website...

Australian hat with corks
Australian hat with corks
Australian Hat

Of course, this particular hat is more popular during the summer months. At just £2.99, and with good customer reviews, it's perfect for groups. For more ideas using an Aussie theme, don't miss my Australian Fancy Dress post on this blog.

Sailor Hat and Scarf Set for Women
Sailor Girl hat and scarf
Sailor Hat

This great-looking hat and scarf set has been popular for some time and is perfect for hen parties, charity events or any event with a nautical theme. Simply wear with a white T-shirt or top and you have a pretty decent nautical look. Also consider these popular items...

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Cowboy Wild West Hat
Cowboy wild west hat
Cowboy Hat

Howdee pardner! It seems that the popularity of a cowboy theme for fancy dress never dwindles, and there are lots of hats available that are well-received by customers. The most popular is the one above, but here are a couple more that have received positive customer reviews...

There are dozens of Stetsons and Rodeo style hats available at Amazon. If you're after a quality hat that you can wear again and again then I would recommend searching the clothing section Quality Cowboy Hats. However, if you need to consider the price and your hat is just for a fun night out, then the Toys and Games section is much more suitable - Cowboy Party Hats

Whatever you choose, the range is excellent and you will be spoiled for choice!

Mexican Sombrero Hat
Mexican Sombrero straw hat
Mexican Hat

Sombrero's are always popular, but more particularly in the summer months, of course. Bright and colourful, they add a real sense of fun to any party, and the one above is the most popular of all. Read my Mexican Fancy Dress post for more ideas using this theme.

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Umbrella Hat
Umbrella Hat
Umbrella Hat

Now, this is ideal for the British weather and could be worn at festivals (where it's guaranteed to chuck it down!) or on fun hen nights, stag do's etc. It's also useful for keeping the rain (and the sun) off your head, of course! The most popular umbrella hat is the one above (no gents, the blonde girl isn't included!) but you can see many pages of them with this link All Umbrella Hats

Best-Rated Party Hats for Adults

So, those were the five most popular hat choices, but here are some useful picture links to more fun hats that have received positive customer reviews - I've carefully hand-picked these and they were certainly not just chosen at random. Some are more seasonal than others, but I hope this selection will give you some useful ideas at least. When you click the picture links, you will also be able to see many more choices and ideas below each main item.

Cone Party Hats
Cone Party Hats

Whichever party hat you choose, have fun!

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