Monday, 2 September 2013

Best Value Witch Costumes

Purple Witch Costume
Purple Witch Costume £9.99

As so many people are still continuing to watch every penny they spend, and with Halloween approaching fast, I thought it would be a nice idea to bring together the very best value witch costumes that cost less than £15. Please note that all prices quoted are subject to change.

Firstly, one costume that really caught my eye was this Lilura purple witch. Priced at just £9.99 inc. free delivery I was wondering what the catch was. Well, the striped tights don't come with the outfit, but you do receive a decent-looking dress with long sleeves and a purple, wired witches hat which you can bend into spooky shapes.

Purple Stripe Tights
Purple Striped Tights £3.47
If you want to add the tights - they do enhance the look of the costume - you can buy them for £3.47 inc. delivery.

Black Velvet Witches Cape
Black Velvet Witch/Vampire Cape £7.70
You could create your own Halloweenesque costume using this nicely-priced black velvet cape, which costs just £7.70 inc. delivery and is suitable for small to medium sizes. You could just wear it on its own, of course, but adding a hat or wig would really enhance your look.

Witches Hats at Amazon UK
There is an overwhelming number of witch hats for adults available, so I've linked to the whole range above. The tall and twisty witch hat featured above is made from black velour giving it a luxury feel, and has really good reviews by customers at Amazon. From the huge range of hats, I've hand-picked a few of the best value ones (which were all under a fiver) below, although any that have received negative reviews have been left out...

Spider Web Witch Costume
Spider Web Witch Costume £12.99
This witch outfit really caught my eye and includes a deluxe dress with silver spider detailing and matching tall witches hat. There are two sizes available; 6-8 and 10-12 and the outfit comes in a sealed bag and is delivered for free - you can't ask for better than that!

Large Spooky Witch Costume Women
Large Spooky Witch Costume £9.79
The RRP for this outfit is £12.99, but is available for just £9.79 as I write. Included are a spooky looking dress, hat and belt. The size just states large which is a bit vague, but for the price this is a great value outfit for casting spells in!

Halloween Witch Fancy Dress Costume
Halloween Witch Costume £11.99
This excellent value witch costume comes in orange and black Jack O' Lantern colours and is just perfect for Halloween. Included are a pointy hat, corset top, skirt, fishnet gloves, and stripy stockings. The price includes delivery and the outfit is available in three sizes; 8-10, 12-14 and 16-18.

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