Thursday, 12 September 2013

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

If you're hosting a party for Halloween night then I'm going to show you some great ideas for creating a spooky, orange and black theme for your room.

Black Tablecloth for Hallowen
Black Tablecloth £1.29

Black and Orange Pumpkin Theme

I'll start with, perhaps, one of the most essential items for any party - a tablecloth! Okay, so it's just plain and black, but straight away it adds a cost-effective, gothic theme to a room. A popular colour theme is, of course, black and orange and you can add lots of accessories to create a great Halloween look. When you click the link above (for the UK) you'll be shown a whole array of decorations that can be added to your table and the room. Here are some ideas...

1. Spooky smiles paper cups  2. Spooky smiles party plates  3. Spooky smiles napkins  4. Black paper cups  5. Orange paper cups  6. Black and orange balloons   7. Hanging pumpkin decorations  8. Spider's web balloons  9. Twirly pumpkin hanging decorations.

Spiders Web Halloween Tablecloth
Lace Spiders Web Tablecloth £10.99
If you want a more elaborate tablecloth then this fully washable, midnight lace fabric, spiders web design tablecloth may be just for you. Please note that this material is transparent, so you will need to add a plain table cloth underneath.

Inflatable Pumpkin Bowl for a Halloween Party
Inflatable Pumpkin Bowl £3.99
Now, this is a sweet idea (forgive the pun). This blow-up bowl with lid is a cost-effective way to add excitement to a table, and imagine the kids (or adults!) faces when you lift off the lid to reveal lots of goodies.

Orange and Black LED Tealights for Halloween
Black and Orange LED Tealights
These battery-operated LED tealights will create a spooky ambience in any room. Why not add some stretchable spiders web and spiders (not real ones, of course!) for an even scarier look...

Haunted House Halloween Table Decoration Kit
Halloween Haunted House Table Decoration Kit
For just £4.00 (this price is subject to change), this complete accessory kit has a haunted house theme and is ideal for decorating a large table. It also saves you the hassle of buying lots of separate items.

Scary Halloween Decorations
Scary Halloween Black Hanging Decoration Kit £7.99
Now, this looks great doesn't it? You can create a very gothic feel to a room with this hanging decoration kit which includes a chandelier, skull, bat and spider-shaped decorations which are coated with glitter to reflect the light. Just hang them from a ceiling or even in a window to create a dazzling Halloween look.

Halloween Wall Decoration
Happy Halloween Wall Decoration Kit
This attractive wall decoration comes in five pieces. You can set it out as displayed above, or place each piece separately around a room on walls and doors. This is a very attractive and popular kit which really add a spooky atmosphere to just about any room.

I do hope that I have given you some inspiration with this post. There are many more decorations available at Amazon - just click the link below to see all of them.

See ALL Halloween Decorations
Halloween Decorations at (US)

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