Monday, 21 October 2013

Cops and Robbers Fancy Dress Costumes

Men's Burglar Costume
Burglar - Bank Robber Costume £13.88

I'll be discussing the cop costumes further down the page, but let's start with the robbers!

Dressing-up as a thief is a fun and comical costume idea that you can use at just about any time of the year. The stereotypical image of a burglar is very much like the guy featured in the image above - the stripy top, eye mask and swag bag are essential for the classic robber look. When you click the link above you'll be presented with a choice of sizes. The link for US visitors is for the medium size costume, but you can choose from different sizes underneath the main costume at Amazon. The costume is complete and includes striped shirt, trousers, hat, mask and swag bag, making it very good value.

Ladies Convict Fancy Dress Costume
Ladies Convict Costume (UK)
If you're going to a party as a couple then this low cost convict outfit (UK only) would be a perfect match to the male robber costume above. This is also ideal for hen parties, too, and with the price starting at under £13 for the small costume you won't need to rob a bank to buy it!

Miss Behaved Convict Costume Ladies
Miss Behaved Costume (US)
Out of all the female convict costumes available, this one was certainly the best quality. However, you will be able to browse through a wide selection of outfits underneath the main costume. Amazon always have lots of discounts on costumes and one of the biggest choices on the web, so you should be able to grab yourself a bargain. This particular costume (I love the name Miss Behaved!) is available in all sizes and includes the striped mini dress and matching hat. The boots are not included.

Police Woman Fancy Dress Costume
British Police Woman Costume £15.67
Now, this costume looks really authentic and includes the white shirt, skirt, tie, belt & hat and comes in a sealed storage bag. It's ideal for a cops and robbers theme, hen nights etc. If you're dressing-up as a couple, then the male costume could be either a cop or robber, of course.

Sexy Cop Ladies Costume
Sexy US Cop Costume
The most popular and best-rated lady cop costume is the one above by Leg Avenue. It's available in most sizes and includes the hat, sexy dress, gloves, belt, tie and walkie-talkie.

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