Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cute Halloween Costumes for Women

Cute Halloween Ghost Costume
Cute Halloween Ghost Costume £10.35
While many people opt for the scariest or most gruesome costume they can find for Halloween, there are also plenty of people who would prefer to wear something with more of a fun element. This ghost tunic will certainly put a smile on people's faces and will fit size 10-14. The price includes delivery, although it's subject to change, of course. It's simple to wear and no extra accessories are required.

Cute Kitty Ladies Costume
Cute Kitty Costume £22.99
This cute dress looks just perfect for Halloween and is made from a comfortable., stretchy material for an easy fit. When you click the link you'll also be able to browse through a whole range of Halloween costumes.

Cute Cave Girl Outfit £9.49
Now, this is a great choice if you're on a budget. Turn yourself into a prehistoric princess with this easy-to-wear costume, which  includes a leopard print tunic with belt and matching headband and is available in two sizes; 8-10 and 16-18. You may also want to add one of these accessories to complete your look...

1. Cave Woman wig with bone £10.99
2. Alternative Cave Woman Wig £5.99
3. Cave Girl Wig with Bunches £9.94
4. Sabre Tooth Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet £4.59
5. Cavewoman Necklace £2.89
6. Plastic Club £2.49

 Cave Woman Costume
Cave Woman Costume Size 10-14
The usual price for this costume is £11.94, although it was on offer at £9.91 inc. delivery while I was browsing. The outfit includes a cute, jagged cut leopard print short dress with belt and headband. Please note that the club and tooth necklace are not included.

As there are literally dozens of cave girl style outfits available at Amazon, you may want to try this link to see everything available All Cave Woman Costumes

Sexy Devil Costume
Sexy Devil Costumes from under £5
Well, I've never thought of the devil as being either cute or sexy, but this outfit is certainly both! There are over a dozen choices on the Amazon website and I've linked to all of them. Prices start at just a few £pounds, but, of course, what you pay for is what you get. The costume featured above is £11.19 and includes the red dress, tail and horns.

I hope that I've given you a few good ideas for cute Halloween costumes. Whatever you decide to wear, have fun!

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