Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Geek - Nerd Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Men's Geek Costume
Retro 50s Geek Man

1. Adult Geek Costume £18.20 inc. delivery at Amazon UK
2. Adult Nerd Costume $25.19 + $2.99 delivery at (US)

Further on in this post I will be discussing ladies geek costumes, but to start with I'll deal with the Men's look. One of the funniest nerd looks is from the 50s, and there is a ready-made costume available at Amazon which includes high-waist, checkered (tartan-like) trousers and a matching bow tie and shirt. There are no glasses included with the costume at the U.S. Amazon, but you have the option of including them in the UK. 

Of course, you can buy all of the components needed for a nerdy look separately, without the trousers and shirt.

Geek Accessory Kit
Geek Accessories Kit
You can create an instant retro nerd look with this useful accessory kit. It comes in a display pack and includes geek glasses, tartan braces and over-sized bow tie.

Geek Kit at
Geek Kit at (US)

Nerd Kit
Nerd Kit
This alternative nerd kit is available only in the US and includes a pocket protector with name tag, bow tie, nerdy glasses and novelty teeth. If you own a shirt that went out of fashion back in the 80s then now's your time to dig it out and wear it!

Nerd Look on a T-Shirt
If you don't want the hassle of wearing a bow tie, glasses and braces then this T-shirt provides the solution. It features a complete geek look printed onto it! Sadly, it's not available here in the British Isles.

High School Nerd Girl Costume
High School Nerd Girl
This ladies geek outfit is available in the UK in a whole range of sizes and includes check shorts, matching bow tie, shirt and belt. The prices was just £13.37 while I was browsing which will, hopefully, still apply when you're reading this!

High School Nerd Costumes at Amazon UK

If you're from the US then don't despair! Here are some nicely-priced options for you...

There are hundreds of imitation Rayban wayfarer and Clubmaster styles available for creating a retro geek look (which is very fashionable at the moment), and the No.1 bestsellers are incredibly cheap to buy - perfect for fancy dress.

Retro Wayfarer Style Clear Lens Glasses

More options;

Create an 80s Geek Look

If you would prefer to create a 1980s geek style then can be as simple as wearing a retro computer T-shirt and also wayfarer or clubmaster style glasses which had a revival during the 80s. I've already written about creating this look on my 80s Fashion blog - 80s Computer Geek Look

Nerd Wigs

To complete any geek look you may like to add a wig. Some of the available wigs really didn't look very nerdy, but these centre parting wigs (below) were not only the best-looking, but also the best value, too...

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