Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Plus Size Red Riding Hood Costumes

Red Riding Hood Costume
Plus Size 16-20 Red Riding Hood Costume
From the US? There are dozens of great-looking, plus size Red Riding Hood costumes at

It seems that the fairy story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf is still being fondly remembered here in the UK, with this costume being the most popular plus size costume on the web - for ladies, at least! It includes a dress, cape, headband, bracelets, belt and boot tops.

However, this isn't the only choice in Plus Size, and you may want to consider one of these options...

1. Size 16-20 Red Riding Hood costume - currently on offer at Amazon for just £14.62 inc. free delivery.It includes the dress and cape, but the white stockings need to be bought separately.

2. White Stockings with red bows £2.77 inc. delivery.

3. Wilbers Little Red Riding Hood for sizes 16-18 and 18-20.

Hooded Red Cape
Hooded Red Cape £8.20
Now, here's an alternative to buying a full costume. This gothic, hooded red cape could be used to create a creepy Halloween costume. You can simply wear it over some dark clothing to create a simple, cost-effective outfit. To create a Red Riding Hood look you could wear a plain red or gingham/polka dot style skirt, or a red dress.

Wicker Basket with Gingham Cloth
Gingham Wicker Basket £5.99
Why not add this excellent value basket to your costume to complete your look? It included a 100% cotton gingham cloth liner and is made from durable wicker.

Here are some more ideas for creating a Red Riding Hood costume...

1. Neon Red Tutu (size 16-22) £7.50
2. Skater Skirt (size 16-18) £9.99
3. Red Belted Skater Dress (sizes 16-26) £10.99

For more costume ideas you may also want to visit the post Plus Size Halloween Costumes on this blog.

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