Monday, 18 November 2013

Create an Intellectual Look with Geek Glasses

Large Black Frame Geek Glasses
Wear geek glasses for an intellectual look
The geek style has been very much "en vogue" in recent times, and whether you want to look more intelligent or you simply want to dress-up like a nerd for a fancy dress party, just a few simple steps will help you achieve your new look.

The most essential geek item is, of course, a pair of glasses. Large-frame, Wayfarer style black plastic spectacles are the most popular choice, but there are several frame styles you can choose to give you that intellectual look.

Personally, I would choose round frame glasses for a British professor/doctor look. Actor Matt Smith looks particularly good in spectacles with a round, brown frame - they're small and neat with a lens size of around 35mm. The choices are usually black or tortoiseshell, but I think the latter works best for him, at least. Try and choose a pair that suits your hair colour. Black frames go well with blonde or black hair, but for brown or red hair then lighter, brown or tortoiseshell frames will probably work better. 

Matt Smith wearing round glasses
Matt Smith in round specs

Oval Tortoiseshell Glasses
Oval Tortoiseshell Glasses £12.25
A pair that I recently bought for myself (and I was very pleased with) is from (above) for just £12.25 plus postage. They have a small, oval frame of around 45x35mm and have a unisex design. They can be bought as reading glasses with different choices of lens strength or with a plain lens. The lenses are more oval and the frames are slightly thicker frame than the Matt Smith glasses, but the quality of the plastic is good and they also have a spring-hinge.

You may also want to try the Peru black style which have a thinner frame with round lenses, although they aren't available with a plain lens and are not available in tortoiseshell.

Official Harry Potter Glasses
Official Harry Potter Glasses £5.99
This pair of officially-licensed, Harry Potter round specs has been well-received by many customers, and are ideal for creating a more intelligent look.

There are several styles of the smaller-framed, round glasses available at Amazon, although they're not cheap starting at around £59.

Large, Round Frame Glasses
Large, Rounded Frame Wayfarer Style Glasses
I bought this pair of plain, clear lens glasses (above) from Amazon, but I found them to be way too large for my own face. However, for the price the quality is really good and they feel sturdy and actually look like proper prescription glasses with a Wayfarer style. The lens measures 50mm by 45mm inside the frame, so they are on the large size, but if this is what you're after then I can recommend them. I've now given my pair to a friend who is delighted with them!

These days, geek glasses come in many colours and styles, and the following fun styles are ideal for fancy dress parties, although I wouldn't recommend them for long-term use;

1. Neon pink Wayfarer Style Glasses £2.88
2. Electric Pink Geek Glasses £2.50
3. 8-Bit Pixelated Glasses £3.99
4. Tortoiseshell Retro Clubmaster Glasses £3.99

A retro geek look can be created using the classic Clubmaster style glasses from the 1950s and early 60s. They also came back into fashion during the 1980s.

For long-term use I would recommend spending a little more cash on your specs or you're going to end-up disappointed, although cheap glasses are cost-effective way to determine whether a certain style is going to suit you or not.

Ray Ban Clubmaster Glasses
Ray-Ban Red Havana - Clubmaster Glasses
You can't go far wrong with a pair of Ray-Bans. They're the real Mccoy, of course, and should last you for years to come. Amazon usually have big discounts on their Ray-Bans. For instance, the rrp for the pair above is £185.90, but had a healthy 57% discount when I was browsing and they were available for a more reasonable £79.20.  

The bottom line is to choose a pair of glasses that suits your face shape and hair colour. If you want to try out different styles before committing yourself to a more expensive pair then try out the cheaper geek glasses first - you can always use these for fun dress-up at fancy dress parties.

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