Thursday, 7 November 2013

Funny Christmas Hats

Santa stuck in the chimney hat
Santa stuck in a chimney hat
Christmas is fast approaching once more, although it seems like only yesterday when I was out celebrating with friends and over-indulging during the festive period. I must remember to stock up on antacid tablets this year! 

By far, the most popular fancy dress item is the Christmas hat, and the funnier the better! They're relatively cheap to buy and easy to wear, and if you're the type that can't be bothered with the hassle of wearing a full costume, then a festive hat is the ideal solution. Of course, you can also wear one to enhance a costume, too.

So, as you may have gathered, for this post I'm going to give you lots of ideas on which hat to wear to your Christmas party. Here are the most funny Christmas hats...

The most amusing hat award has to go the the Father Christmas stuck in a chimney hat. It's always going to get a laugh, and because it's a big size is guaranteed to get noticed by a lot of people. 

Christmas Turkey Hat
Christmas turkey hat with legs
The idea of a walking around with a turkey sitting on your head and pooing down your face isn't many people's idea of fun - thankfully, this hat provides a much more practical and hygenic solution! It's a fun idea and perfect for any festive night out. It's just a pity that the guy in the photo doesn't appear to be enjoying himself very much - cheer up lad, it's Christmas! You may also like one of these alternative turkey hats...

Bah Humbug Hat with beard
Grumpy Santa "Bah Humbug" Kit
That first guy in the reindeer hat would be better off wearing this one. For anyone who's a miserable git and  isn't a fan of Christmas this is the perfect hat! It also includes the beard and and glasses and would go well with a Santa costume. The kit would also make an ideal Christmas gift for any grumpy old man!

Funny Reindeer Hat
Cute and Comical Reindeer Hat
Now, this chap is showing a bit more enthusiasm than the one wearing the reindeer hat. I like this hat as it's both amusing and cute-looking, which is bound to attract the ladies - so, that's why he's has such a smile on his face!

Adult Elf Hat for Christmas
Adult Size Elf Hat with ears
The elf hat isn't the most original of ideas, but it remains a popular and fun choice and is ideal for groups. There are plenty choose from and here are a few more suggestions;

Santa Jester Hat
Santa Jester Hat with three bells
Combining both the jester and santa styles, this novelty hat is perfect for someone who likes to act the fool during the festive period. This is also ideal for annoying someone by shaking your head in their face - those bells are bound to irritate them!

I'll finish my post by leaving you with a final selection of funny Christmas hats and headbands. Seasons greetings to you!

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